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The team in Auckland you can trust for crash repairs

Great service when you need it

The tried and true panel beating specialists in Auckland can restore normalcy to your daily routine by expertly performing any crash repairs you require. Leave our workshop with peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be safe on the road. Trust Redwood Panel & Paint Ltd for those emergency services and call us today for a free quote.

Professional team

The team at Redwood Panel & Paint are professional trades people that produce quality work and are proud of it. Over the years the company has been recognised for consistently producing top quality work and will continue to serve Auckland with their crash repairs for many years to come.

Consistently developing the Redwood image

Redwood Panel & Paint are a proud business and intend on staying that way. They do this by continuing to develop as a business and growing as professionals in the panel beating industry. 

Bright future for Redwood Panel & Paint

Redwood Panel & Paint are always up-skilling their panel beating teachnicians to ensure they stay on top of the game and are equipped with the latest knowledge and qualifications.

We have already achieved bronze recognition and intend on becoming a recognised gold repairerin the coming years.

Claim process

Make contact with your insurance company. Give the claim number to us as absolutely everything all revolves around this claim number.

If you have full insurance you must go through your own insurance company, even if there was another party involved & you are not at fault. As long as your insurance company have the details of the other party you will have no excess & the claim will not affect your policy history at all.

If you do not have insurance or have third party only, you will need to know which company the other party is insured with. You will need a claim number from the other party & make contact with their insurance company, they will advise you of what you are required to do to complete the claim.


Most of the insurance companies now assess vehicles by digital, photos & email / live websites etc.

We can assess your vehicle while you wait, it normally takes about 5-10 minutes if we require longer you will be advised. If your vehicle is not driveable, please contact us & we will take care of this for you. On occasions we will come to you for the assessment, you would need to contact us to make arrangements.


Once your claim is cleared, repairs are aurothrised we will book you in & loan you one of our courtesy vehicles while your car is being repaired if required.

We can also pick up & deliver your vehicle for you if you are unable.

A car being repaired
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